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Spindrift Spiked is now available in select markets. Find it near you.

Tax Moves to Consider + The Bond Market Sweet Spot

Each week, the Stokes Family Office staff puts together a list of our favorite news and updates on financial planning, portfolio construction, tax and estate planning, retirement plan services and/or anything we found interesting. Enjoy this week’s curated list for your weekend reading!



Bailey McCann | The Wall Street Journal

The Trump-era tax cuts will phase out at the end of 2025 unless they are extended. Financial advisers say now is the time for retirees—and near retirees—to start planning for that. Click here to read more.



Cullen Roche | Discipline Funds

Yields have been surging in recent weeks as markets price in rising credit risk and the likelihood of the Fed remaining higher for longer. Our view on credit risk hasn’t changed this year – Fed tightening cycles are a risky time to take excessive credit risk as the Fed jacks up rates and forces future debt contracts to roll at higher interest rates. Similarly, the rise in rates has a disproportionate impact across the government yield curve as longer duration instruments are exposed to more interest rate risk. But the good news in this story is that the relative risks are highly asymmetric and are now at a point where short duration instruments look super attractive. Click here to read more.


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