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Spindrift Spiked is now available in select markets. Find it near you.

How Rich Are American Households?


Ben Carlson | A Wealth of Common Sense

The Federal Reserve has tracked household balance sheet data going back to 1952. Each quarter they provide details on total financial assets and liabilities for households and nonprofit organizations.

This data doesn’t tell us where the economy is heading but it can help understand how Americans are generally positioned for whatever happens next. As of June 30th this year, American households have their highest levels of assets, liabilities and net worth ever … Click here to read more.




Morgan Housel | Collab Fund

It’s common to think that people admire you for your success, but what you might actually be fostering is envy, which will come back to haunt you.

I love Brent Beshore’s observation that, “I am 100% happy to watch you get really rich doing something that I have no interest in doing.” It’s not always a competition.

Not caring about temporary things, and obsessing over permanent things, is underrated.

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